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To have your traffic ticket analyzed by a speeding ticket lawyer, enter the Court I.D., Prefix, Ticket Number and License Plate Number from your speeding ticket, or other traffic ticket, into the contact form to the right and submit the form.  A traffic ticket lawyer will analyze your summons and contact you shortly with an explanation of your options.

Three Reasons Why You Should Never Pay a Speeding Ticket or Other Traffic Ticket

    1. TRAFFIC TICKETS ARE EXPENSIVE! Paying a NJ traffic ticket fine automatically convicts you as being guilty to the charge. Why pay the fine and plea guilty when The Buerkle Law Firm’s speeding ticket lawyer can fight and win your case? Even if you know or think you’re guilty or were caught speeding on radar, an experienced lawyer can win your case or get you a reduction! In tougher cases we may be able to get you a reduction to something that does not affect your insurance.

Insurance Rates can increase dramatically as the result of paying one traffic ticket fine. The state of New Jersey now has the highest auto insurance rates in the country! Insurance companies see every single point you receive on your New Jersey driving record and may raise your insurance rates by over $100 per point for up to FIVE years! Our NJ traffic ticket attorneys can help you keep your insurance rates low!


  • KEEP YOUR LICENSE! Points can result in an administrative suspension or hearing to determine the length of your license suspension. Accumulating points also leads to higher insurance rates. Some violations and convictions cause mandatory license suspension and revocations. The Buerkle Law Firm will fight tooth and nail to ensure you stay on the road.


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